Doc’s Laptops LLC. is committed to providing credit terms for departments and agencies that are federal, state, county or city funded. This includes police officers with certain fire units*, some EMS* teams as well public works professionals!  

We’re sorry but we can’t accommodate privately held organizations or government contractors/subcontractors at this time.* 

In other words: “We offer competitive rates on laptop purchases made by  publicly-owned entities like local governments -we just don’t deal directly with private firms.” 

How would I setup an account for my department? 

Setting up an account for your department is a relatively simple process. Please give us a call and provide us some basic information, such as your department’s name and location. Additionally, we will need to verify that you are affiliated with the department in question. Once this process is complete, we will be happy to set up an account for you.  

My department has been verified as being federal, state, county or city funded. What happens now? 

We will provision an account for you. After your account is created, we will provide you a quote based on the items we discussed beforehand. 

The quote you provided has been approved by our department/finance office. How do I order? 

Place your order by sending us a purchase order that specific lists the items that you are looking to purchase as well as the product options for each of the items you selected. Your purchase order and tax exemptions can be submitted to our representative.  

Our department does not utilize purchase orders. Can I still order on credit? 

Send us an email or call our main office to discuss alternatives for placing your order using credit terms. 

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